Friday, September 23, 2011

How To Install Decking Part 1

Remodeling House Ideas : How To Install Decking Part 1

Cyril Williams of Woodlink UK, main UK importer and distributor of the sustainable Lyptus hardwood decking range, hosts a question and answer session on the key considerations when installing decking products.

While the flexibility of decking is widely documented the key to ensuring a quality installation lies in detailed planning, as decking design will ultimately dictate the necessary sub-frame and associated structures. However, when it comes to the detail of the installation the following are all key points of which to be aware.

Q: What should I consider as part of the planning application?

With a retrospective installation, or if the decking was not included as part of the original plans, one of the main considerations is the size of the deck in proportion to the house and garden. This is because new planning rules now apply in England to the size of decks, in relation to the property or garden, which legislate that the decking cannot cover more than 50 per cent of the garden.

Planning permission is also specifically required where a deck platform is more than 300mm (1ft] off the ground. However, best practice is to prepare the design and then cross check against planning regulations to confirm whether it requires consent.

Q: How do I know what type of sub-frame to use?

The type of sub-frame will be determined by where the deck will be installed. A patio style deck, which is a raft construction, is most common and installed on a garden area that drains well. For sloping sites or multi—tier applications on elevated deck (post and beam} would be used.

Q: Which direction should I lay the joists?

The direction you wish to lay the deck boards will establish joist direction, whether parallel, chevron, herringbone, checkaboard or quadrant. An important point to note is that laying deck boards in checkaboard and quadrant can hinder drainage and will require more regular maintenance.


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